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Our Story

Jenny Blount, the founder of Once Upon A Fairytale, has always had a special place in her heart for children. After adopting her little one, she became very aware of the need to care for children in other countries where adoptions are not possible. The original beneficiary of this event was to support orphanages in Guatemala. 

Blount continues to pursue her vision of providing education and support to children in need-- now just closer to home! This year's beneficiary is The Mission First Early Learning Center.  Located in West Jackson, the mission of the Early Learning Center is to instruct and nurture early learners so that they are equipped to fulfill their purpose as disciples of Jesus. 

Since opening in 2018, The Mission First Early Learning Center has grown by adding a new class every year. With more parents seeking a Christ-centered education for their 3-5 year old student(s), there has become a greater need for funding in this area of ministry. That's where your support in this event comes in! The goal of our 2023 Once Upon A Fairytale event is to raise enough money to send a class of students to school for the entire school year.

Mission First ELC Student

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Jenny Blount, founder of Once Upon A Fairytale

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